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—  Burn —

Calorie-torching, body-toning fun workouts that will work your cardio and get your sweat on.


—  Barre  —

Ballet techniques, pilates rhythm and yoga stretches are blended into a dynamic workout, done to the tempo of music. The small, micro movements of Barre will lengthen your posture and strengthen muscles in the areas you never knew existed. A fun way to get that lean, lithe, strong dancer's body and some good cardio.    

—  Barre Basics  —

A light-weight version of our regular Barre class which will allow you to master the 101s of Barre techniques, moves and safe posture. Be warned that this is still a mighty good workout, though! You WILL sweat!

—  Cube HIIT  —

Cube is a High Intensity Interval Training workout that incorporates dynamic warm-ups, compound body weight movements underscored by a tabata format and a core segment to strengthen and improve the abdomen, back and glutes.